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Nude beach bora bora

I know some of the OWBs, the premiums, are SO private that you can be beach nude on your deck if you want to. Is this OK to do?

Best All-Inclusive Nude Beach Resorts

I hear the POWBs bora have their very own private outdoor shower for rinsing off. Can you shower naked in those too? Using anything less then SPF 15 anywhere in the world, faux pas. Can we say recipe for cancer. Anything less then 15spf should be taken off the shelf cause it's practically placebo sunscreen.

Does 2spf really exist? Don't forget your repellent.

nude sun bathing in bora bora private island over water bung - Bora Bora Forum - TripAdvisor

It seems to work well, smells good and keeps my skin bora after nude all day. We have seen nudist families from Europe on Moorea big brother imogen nude times. Just wished I knew what the etiquette is for topless sunbathing.

Never have been able to figure that out. But our husbands never complain!