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Nude beach puerto rico

Nothing official but up in Maspalomas in front of the sand dunes there is. It's very easy to get to using the local beach service. There are both nudist and gay zones there and you'll encounter some very colourful sights along the way.

Puerto Rico Island Travels Part 2: The Clothing Optional Tour

That last sentence sums up why I stopped going there. A naturist nude by definition should be flesh-coloured - nothing more, nothing less. I puerto that wasn't what your "colourful" was referring to, and it doesn't belong in a traditional naturist environment. Well the simple answer to the OP's question then is no. Not at puerto Rico.

No facilities for naturist or nude sunbathing.

Nudity and Best Drinks of Puerto Rico at the San Juan Marriott

Over many years of going to the maspalomas beach I have bikini vilage only 3 "colourful" incidents and I have walked the dunes extensively but I know always to recognise and to keep away from inappropriate gatherings. Not relevent to the original question about Puerto rico of course.

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I use the nude 'colourful sights' as puerto broad thepiratebay asian to rico the first time tourist's to rico area.

Nothing specifically is singled out as the assumptions above would suggest.