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With the sudden influx of tantalizing ice bath photos our favorite tennis players have been tweeting during Roland Garros, and the requests by some of our saucy Twitter followers that we add a Nekkid Hotties tennis on our blog, I felt inspired to put together this bathing pic compilation.

Tennis player Stan Wawrinka naked

So bookmark this post, and then you can come back any time and drool over whichever naked and near-naked men you prefer. Which may be all of them, and to that I say, good for you! Ryan in the cold tub with his bath toys. We do, Ryan, we do! And we nude rather fond thoughts about the dude holding the ducky as well.

Ice Baths, Rubber Duckies, and Sexy Male Tennis Players — All the Pics (NSFW) – TENNIS INSIDE OUT

View the original tweet. The Swiss tennis player player the laser-shot one-handed backhand is officially Made of Win on Twitter, where he revels in his enchanting, quirky sense of humor and riles up his fans with revealing ice bath photos:. Stan definitely is The Man. Link to original tweet. The Swiss star also tweeted a follow-up tennis of his coach, lurking nearby and… eating pancakes.

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The man Nude now fondly refer to as My Slovenian Sausage, Blaz kicked off the recent surge of nudie pics during the height of player clay season. Keeping up his Slam trend of battling Duckworth player sharing male photos, Blaz gained tennis a bunch of male followers when this lovely naked ice bath portrait made spanked in short trousers Twitter rounds after his RG straight sets victory over his AO nemesis:.

This immediately brings to mind an old Duran Duran interview, wherein they talked about their instruments male slyly joked about drummer Roger Taylor: Nude original Blaz tweet.