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Nude teen punishment stories by parents

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Register here to post. Posted Thu nude of April Report. It was just myself, Jimmy, my sister Lynn, my mom Julie and teen Bill.

Nudity as Punishment -

My Aunt and two cousins were going to be coming up to join us later. My Dad got my Mom pregnant with my sister when she was only 14, then she got pregnant with me almost a year later. So, we had all just come back to our campsite from swimming and as I was following my sister into the camper I thought it would be funny to snap my sisters top strap, punishment I did and one tit popped parents.

Hearing that, Lynn turned to me and stuck stories tongue out at me, scrunching up her face and closing her eyes. It was cute, and sexy, and gave me a great idea, at least I thought so.

Book: Punished by Parents in Law

She giggled and shrugged her shoulders and scrunched up her face, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. I took that opportunity to whip my dick out of my swimsuit and slap her ebony magazine writers guidelines with it. At that moment she opened her eyes and as she realized what I had done her face went red with anger.

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Come with me, we are going to get your father involved with this. I laughed too when dad laughed but it was short lived when he gave me a stern look that told me I better stop.