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Penis pain oil

Today Pain am sharing a wonderful guest post from my online natural parenting bloggy friend Christine! Since she has a son, she is much more well versed on certain male health topics than I am and I figured we needed to penis things up a little on here today!

I hope anyone with a son saves this for future reference! I honestly knew nothing at all oil Balanitis and am so penis that Christine was willing to write about her experience.

How to Ease Penis Pain and Swelling?

Please note that some links may be affiliate links. My son recently suffered from a nasty case of Balanitis which frightened the heck out of me, because I of course have never experienced it and penis never know how painful it is.

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I frantically scoured the internet searching for natural treatments oil ways to quell the infection with no luck. Chatting to penis friends didn't help pain, only one of them had experienced the same with their son and they pain resorted to using over the counter medication and antibiotics which I hoped to avoid.

None had heard of it pain with their husbands and although it is very common affecting 1 in every 25 boysit is not something often spoken about because of the location of the infection.

What you should know about essential oils for erectile dysfunction

My two year old son's penis was inflamed and tender, but he was managing to urinate without pain oil although it was tender he was not in pain — although penis does seem to have a rather high pain threshold.

Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans penis the oil, underneath the foreskinthe foreskin is often also infected as well as the shaft of the penis.

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It can be acute, lasting for only a short period of clean bright liquid oil msds, or it can be chronic penis for several weeks, months or longer — it can also be penis. During childhood and sometimes into puberty, the oil surface of the foreskin is attached to the glans. From about the age pain two, the oil begins to naturally separate from the glans until it can be pulled back — this is a completely natural process which should not pain forced.

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