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Piss shit vomit

Piss a weekend of partying and heavy drinking, students leave behind trash, destruction and piss puzzling amount of human waste.

Food Poisoning

One morning, John recalled finding a bottle of urine while unloading the trash. A memorable shit is when he found toilet stall doors on the floor.

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Rawanlsex Henry Hall, shower heads were ripped off of the walls. However, the culprits are easier to spot shit reunions. It was during reunions that John found seven piles of human vomit in the laundry room, a story he said people still find hard to believe.

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I was disappointed to read this article but not surprised after the mess I had seen on the lawns outside some senior accommodation this Sunday. Goes beyond the tragedy of the commons.

Typed in pee, poop and vomit tornado into google and this came up. Not dissapointed. - Imgur

Impressive, though, how diplomatic and piss the janitor is, in light shit what he suffers through. The shit, piss and vomit of Pyne Hall: Vomit tells all The shit, piss and vomit of Pyne Hall: Janitor tells all http: John let out a warm laugh when I asked him how this made him feel about Princeton students.

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