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I've always loved Dolly Wagoner. There's the voice, the face, old and new before all the plastic surgery it was beautiful, now it's fascinatingthe strength, the outlandish outfits, the glitz and the glamour, the cartoon body, invisible husband, rumoured affairs, intelligence, the giddy laugh like a yelping pup, and that bizarre mix of downright dirty talk and god-fearing wholesomeness.

And, of course, there are her songs. Like all the true country greats, Parton can sum up situations and emotions with brilliant economy.

Dolly Parton denies gay rumours on ‘Nightline’

Take Jolene, one of her classics gay a staple of any karaoke night. Eight words, and you have everything - the desperation, the sense of inferiority, the appeal to Jolene's better nature, or possibly even porter her sense of sisterhood.

Jolene is a beautifully crafted short story; one that could have been written by Carson McCullers.

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At a first listening, the song may appear to be about a weak woman, but her honesty, her fighting spirit, the power wagoner her love and her words make her anything but a victim. Porter often turns traditional country on its head.

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The title and melancholia of I Will Always Love You gay a woman clinging to her man, but, in fact, it's about a woman walking away.