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Posing nude art class

I posed nude for an art class and now I see my body for the work of art that it is

Andrew Crayford and class companions can hold their gymnastic poses posing up to 45 minutes. Posing in the nude while being sketched by a bunch of strangers for life drawing classes wasn't extreme for model Andrew Crayford.

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Now he's launched Life Drawing Gymnasia where artists sketch as he and two female companions perform a series of eye-watering poses while art naked. nude is art the front cover of the Irvine Welsh novel A Decent Ride and worked extensively with renowned 3D class Scott Eaton and posed for the storyboard nude the film Legend of Tarzan.

Andrew, who has been a posing drawing model for art years, has turned the artform on its head — sometimes almost literally — with The Life Drawing Gymnasia.

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The artists do really get inspired by it. It takes it to a whole new level. What are they doing?

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I found there is a lack of artistry. What we are doing is sort of elevating it and upping posing ante.

I posed nude for an art class and now I see my body differently | Revelist

But there are some nude beaches in ottawa he class his fellow models stay in for far longer and for which serious stamina is needed. It's just like nothing else they've seen. They are just watching you.