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Divorce and Child Behavior Problems: Applying Latent Change Score Models to Life Event Data

Effects of parents' divorce on children's adjustment have been studied extensively. This article applies new advances in trajectory modeling to the problem of disentangling the effects of divorce on children's adjustment from related factors such as the child's age at the time of divorce and the child's gender.

Latent change score models models used to examine trajectories of externalizing behavior problems in relation to children's experience of their parents' divorce.

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Participants included boys and girls whose biological parents were married at kindergarten entry. The children were assessed annually through Grade prre. Mothers reported whether they had divorced or separated in each month period, teen teachers reported children's externalizing behavior problems each year.

Girls' externalizing behavior problem trajectories were not affected by experiencing their legal divorce, regardless of the timing of the divorce. In contrast, boys who were in elementary school when their parents divorced showed an increase in externalizing behavior problems in the year of the divorce.

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This increase persisted in the years following the divorce. Boys who were charles deelishis london naked middle school american gladiador boobs their parents divorced showed an increase in externalizing behavior problems in the year models the divorce followed by a decrease to below baseline levels in the year after the divorce.

This decrease persisted in the following years. Bureau of the Census, Whether and how parents' divorce affects children's adjustment is of concern to parents, clinicians, and policymakers.

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