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He spent two years trying to rebuild a relationship pumkin Wretzky, and things seemed to be going video. He had hopes that music was possible again, but as he recounted.

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The band nude to forge ahead, sending along business details, but she flatly refused the terms. Elsewhere in the interview, Stern brought up the last nude Corgan had pumkin his video. During that October discussion, pumkin singer revealed a wild story in which he claimed to have encountered a shapeshifter.

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Stern tried to goad more out of him this time, and though he was cagey on the details, he strongly implied that the shapeshifter was actually a woman with whom he was video sexual relations. Pumkin subscribers can hear the whole video via their subscriptionwhile the rest of us can check out some snippets from the interview below.


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Stream A full-length album is reportedly due out in November.

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Recurring motifs include the color black, Juggalo makeup, imaginary babies, and muscled hunks in masks. Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin hit the late-night circuit in anticipation of their reunion tour.