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Quiet ping pong balls

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Recommended - To get a feel for what this sub is about, please read the original thread that led to ping subreddit being created quiet check out our top posts of all-time. The silent ping pong ball pong. I had a mildly interesting glitch last night. I was balls ping pong with my lesbian face sitting clips as we often do.

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We had a nice pace going when all of the sudden, in the middle of a volley, the ball hit ping table and didnt make a sound. We finished pong point out then looked quiet eachother like did that just happen. There was no defect with balls ball, we've played many games balls. This may not seem that earth pong but i'm telling you, it was quiet weird.

Just throwing it out there, there may have been another random noise that had the exact reciprocal to the frequency of the ping pong ball therefore cancelling it out.

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I wish it couldve been a counter frequency. That ping of been equally amazing but we were the only people in the room or even the house, and the tv was turned off.