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Ruby red squirt soda discontinued

Do you remember Body on Tap Shampoo?

Ripped From the Shelves and Our Hearts

How about the Mrs. Beasley dolls from the popular 70s show "Family Affair"?

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Did your mother or grandmother ever wear the infamous Frownies, or Winkies, the first instant face discontinued These products of yesteryear had a strong, yet fleeting hold on squirt spending dollars. Then, like thousands of other products, they were discontinued, ripped from the shelves and vanished red popular culture.

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Brian Florence ruby upstate New York has made it his passion to find those hard to get and discontinued sodas that soda may remember but haven't seen in years. He makes at least one big trip a year to stock up and bring it back to his home.

Squirt - Ruby Red (12 Pack)

Pibb, the original formula, of course, which was discontinued I have Josta, as well. Florence has traveled all over the United States, stopping anyplace he can to find what he's looking for. Florence has so much soda now that he sells some on his Web site, sodafinder.