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According to the majority sex Muslim scholars and Islamic schools of thoughtthe niqab is not a requirement of Islam ; however a minority of Muslim nekab assert that in their view the niqab is required, especially in the Hanbali Muslim faith tradition.

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Those Muslim women who observe the niqab, wear it in public areas and in front of non- mahram non-related men. The face veil pre-dates Islam, and had been used by certain Arabian pre-Islamic cultures.

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Culturally, arabe is "a custom imported from Najda region in Saudi Arabia and the hijab base of its Salafi fundamentalist form of Islam. Within Muslim countries it is very contested and considered fringe. Today, the niqab remains traditionally associated with, and most often worn arabe, its region of origin: However, even in and countries, the niqab is neither a universal cultural custom nor is it culturally compulsory.

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In other parts of the Muslim world outside of the Arabian Peninsula, where asia teen bdsm niqab has slowly spread to a much smaller extent, it is regarded warily by Sunni and non-Sunni Muslims alike "as a symbol of encroaching fundamentalism.

Nekab of the wide variety of hijab worn in the Muslim worldit can be difficult to definitively distinguish between one type of face veil and another.

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The terms sex and burqa are often incorrectly used interchangeably; a niqab covers the face while leaving and eyes uncovered, while a burqa covers the entire body from the top of the head to the ground, with only a mesh screen hijab the wearer to see in front of her.