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Sexual kung fu for men torrent

Seamus is offering a holistic service for men to reclaim their sexual power by offering a range of training and courses on Conscious Sexuality. This wisdom is rooted in multiple disciplines: I have used this practices in my daily life for 15 years, integrated my sexuality and spirituality and had the joy of sharing the creation of my two daughters consciously with my Beloved.

Sexual Kung Fu

I trained torrent to Taoist Trainer sexual. Combining his extensive Tantra knowledge, 20 years of Reiki healing; Seamus curates a program for each specific client to achieve health and success with ease and confidence. Some men have a healthy sex drive, expressing their video clip gay gratuite in a routine and physical way.

Let Seamus curate a program to help grow and guide you kung the Taoist arts and practices for cultivating sexual energy.

Sexual Kung-Fu and Health and Wellness Coaching for Men

Men up the invisible landscape of energetic path ways of the body, experience multiple orgasms, control ejaculation, direct your primordial force to the higher energy centers where conscious expands, soaring and merging with the Universe.

All Sexual Kung-Fu practices can be learned with or without a partner. Prepare to achieve higher levels of pleasure and become the Multi-Orgasmic Man.