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Small penis size humiliation

These stories are the artistic expression of the authors who wrote them.

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The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom small speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real size or events is purely coincidental and unintended.

Small Penis Humiliation: A Turn-On for Some

The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here. Since my prostate operation.

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Your article is great. I am embarrassed of my small humiliation. And I ejaculate quickly so a double whammy lol.

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So far for 8 years my wife still with me. I would not cheat penis my wife.

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I love to be humiliated. Not even a inch shoft.

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