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South park s14e06 uncensored

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South Park Episode Kyle Ending Speech p (Uncensored) on Vimeo

List of episodes Wikipedia. There was south big to-do about this episode before it aired. If they were going to show Muhammad or not. Then they started getting s14e06 threats the Wednesday day before it aired that night, and no one knew if they were going to actually show it park if it was going to remain censored.

During the episode, everyone was waiting until the end to see if they did it or not, and then bam, censored. The best part I remember from it uncensored the Cartman father reveal and Cartmans reaction to park news. Interesting how Matt and Trey pretty much parodied uncensored situation before it even happened.

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That has one of my favorite jokes too. Someone south as a uncensored is dragged around during the episode. It's implied that Muhammad is in the bear suit, and that he will be revealed in the south episode. After that episode came this warning from the Islamic radicals at Revolution Park