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Strip club for couples

Going to vegas couples my wifes 45th birthday.

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Club wife has said for years that she would like to check out a strip club and see what goes on. What can I expect?

Couples Who Strip Club Together - Is It Healthy?

Such a thing as a club that has both female and male strippers? My wife and I go to Treasures whenever we're in Vegasand highly recommend it.

We're about kim k nude pictures age and always have a great time. But, if you or your wife approach them they are always friendly.

Best High End Strip Club for Couples? - Las Vegas Message Board - TripAdvisor

Dancers always seem to like dancing and paying attention to the wife. Also, drive yourself if you have a car.

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They for charge you a cover charge then. Or call for their limo, free pick up and entry, you will have to tip the driver. If you take a taxi you will definitely have to pay a cover charge.

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Olympic Garden strip male dancers some nights of the week. With women downstairs all the time.