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The crying game nude scene

Hollywood stars make getting the on camera game easy, but many will confess how incredibly uncomfortable or even boring it is to bare all on screen. This got us thinking about the most awkward nude scenes in cinema.

10 Actors’ Responses to Their Incredibly Awkward Nude Scenes

How did the actors and actresses handle being in the buff? Some stars used awkward nudity for comedic effect, while others looked flawless, but felt terrible — and in a few cases, the nude feelings we had were all in our own heads. Still, we wanted to know: Find out past the break where we revisit a few naked nightmares. Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.

The Crying Game (1992)

Pretty much every crying of the film. Berkley spends most of her screen time nude, which for diehard Saved by the Bell Fans was a little weird at first. The most awkward scene hands-down, however, is watching Berkley convulsing naked in a pool like an epileptic, horny scene for her sex scene with co-star Kyle MacLachlan.