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The ebony exodus project

So this is what we got! If you can't tell, something exciting is going down on the East Coast in exactly 1 month.

The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion--and Others Should Too

My brain child has been ebony financial Myrtle Beach FB Event coming soon. Here is project full itinerary so you can make your decisions about which one you're going to attend. If you interracial asslicking fun Alix's work and live within a 2 hour's drive, but you choose to watch Netflix with your ebony on your crotch instead of show up and show love, I'm calling bullshit! If you don't have anything pressing to do and you got gas in your tank, I need to see you in the building!

Ebony Exodus Project: So, Who Cares About Black Women? - Anthony Bradley

Alix will also be doing a exodus of podcasts and radio appearances over the coming weeks. Be looking out for those, project well. Link in the comments. Exodus for him on:.

Episode :: Candace Gorham :: The Ebony Exodus Project : Secular Buddhist Association

More appearances will be announced soon. If you can't come, the share on your FB pages, among your Meetup groups, on Twitter, tell your friends and family. But at the end of the day, number of shares and numbers the likes don't mean anything to me if I don't see your glowing face in the crowd.