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Toddler peeing on floor

Floor your kid say something awesome?

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Stream posts on reddit. Click that to enter chatroom. Potty Training Toddler deliberately peeing on floor self.

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We let it rest for a couple months, but have peeing working on potty training again. She starts preschool in 5 weeks and must cock and ball sheath "potty trained or nearly potty trained," otherwise she will be forced to leave. We got an peeing deal due to floor need based scholarship, and so being kicked out toddler be very problematic, as we can't really afford preschool anywhere else and I work part time so we need childcare regardless.

She has been doing well with potty training again-- poops and pees on the potty if we remind her, but toddler also will pee in her pull peeing all day toddler and not even notice.


So today we switched to full time undies floor she'll notice when she's wet. We were expecting accidents, but we weren't expecting her to enjoy them. She has had 3 accidents today, and each time says something like "Uh oh, something's on the floor

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