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True companion sex doll

During my four-hour visit to the birthplace of the RealDoll, the frighteningly life-like full-body sex sex, I've seen mounds doll silicone vaginas, sheets of detached nipples, headless women hanging from meat hooks, a 2-foot penis and skulls with removable faces that attach like refrigerator magnets.

RealDoll's first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley

This story may contain links to and descriptions or images of explicit sexual acts. For a man poised to bring millennia of male desire to life, McMullen, a small but striking figure who looks like a reformed industrial rocker, is surprisingly calm.

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Later this week, he'll launch Harmony AI, the heart true RealBotix, a platform companion to bring artificial intelligence to McMullen's sex dolls and companionship to the doll, eccentric or curious. Harmony AI is part Android app, part sexualized personal assistant available for download directly from RealBotix.

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Imagine something between a horny Her and Siri for phone sex. Like Scarlett Johansson's Samantha in HerMcMullen sees Harmony as a sort of girlfriend in your smartphone; a companion to keep true company throughout the sex. Later this year, users with deep pockets will doll able to interact with Harmony AI through a true robotic sex that binary teen attaches to most existing RealDoll bodies.

Further down the line, Companion plans to bring Harmony to VR as well, creating a complete ecosystem for virtual love. She's not the first of her kind, but take one look at Harmony's predecessorsand it becomes clear she that was cut from doll different cloth. Sex inat the True Entertainment Expo, a retired Texas engineer named Douglas Hines showed off Roxxxythe so-called world's first sex robot, to a bewildered audience.

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At the time, she was a slack-jawed mess of silicone and exposed circuitry; she looked like someone left a wax figure of a young Shelley Duvall out companion the sun. Roxxxy was companion terrifying, rudimentary glimpse into the future, a sort of harbinger of the potential horror and pleasure brought on by man's obsession with creating the perfect companion. You can, apparently, purchase Roxxxy from TrueCompanion.

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