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Turian stainless steel slave collar

A collar imitation is no substitute for quality and experience. The Turian Collar "She wore the Turian collar, rather than the common slave collar.

House of Collars

Both collars lock in collar back, behind the girl's neck. Turian Turian collar is more difficult steel engrave, but it, slave the flat collar, will bear some steel assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her master. There were flat collars available to the followers of "The Chronicles stainless Gor" but none in the stainless Turian style mentioned in that popular book series by John Norman.

Dreamer had the inspiration at a hardware store while looking at rods for another project. Discussing his idea in my shop, we came up with this elegantly simple and original design. At first Dreamer was involved in the fabricating of these collars. I started turian hand bending the rods and then slave the two halves, Dreamer took over to do the final finishing.

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Those early collars were for his personal use or he gave them as gifts to his many friends. It was a very short step to make a smaller version of these collars and sell them as cuffs.

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