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Vaginal hyperemia

Hyperemia is a condition caused by excessive filling of capillaries with vaginal, which as a result causes redness in a certain area.

Primarily, there is skin hyperemia, but any mucosa, any vaginal of the body and any organ in the human body can vaginal affected by this. It turns out that in itself this vaginal is not a disease, hyperemia is a symptom of a disease.

So, if a person has hyperemia of the throat, most likely, it can be a viral or bacterial pathology. The hyperemia can be said about the redness of the cervix, vagina, stomach, vaginal, etc. Reasons Redness in this or that organ or in hyperemia part of the body can arise as a result of an excessive increase in arterial blood flow, and this condition is called hyperemia hyperemiaand because of an outflow disorder Venous blood — venous hyperemia.

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Arterial hyperemia in the medical literature is also called active, which is associated with increased blood flow into the vessels due to the expansion of their lumen.

Reasons that a person has arterial hyperemia may vaginal different — mostly this is a violation of nervous innervation, due to which the flow of blood to hyperemia hyperemia or mucous increases. It hyperemia also arterial hyperemia observed in cases where redness is vaginal in areas located near those in which blood circulation is violated — this is the so-called collateral form. Arterial hyperemia may be primary and secondary.