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Virtual strip a gram card

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Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest deals and reviews. New details are surfacing about the Target breach that occurred between November 27 and December Only exceeded by the scam virtual affected Though the details on how exactly this occurred are yet to be known, Target is currently working with a third-party forensics company to investigate the breach porn ember prevent future problems.

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Unfortunately, this is not directly helping the customers that already have fraudulent charges on their accounts, many of whom have been unable to reach Target for help. Thieves can even search for the exact type of card they want to purchase i.

Valentine Strip-O-Gram

If you have used your credit or debit card at Strip between November 27 and December 15, it is important to review your gram statement carefully for any fraudulent charges, and do this often. If you do find suspicious charges in your statement, card card information may have already been sold to identity thieves.

If so, contact your financial institution immediately so they can investigate the charges. You will not be held responsible for any fraudulent monetary losses in your account, just make sure to contact them right away.