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Why does virgina fart

Virgina are some noises that happen during sex that you pretty much just have he came on my pussy ignore. It happens to all of us — the sound of two bodies slapping against each other, the moist sucky sounds that just sort of happen when things get rowdy, and then, maybe the most dire of all sex sounds, queefing.

What causes vaginal farts?

If anything, we can all take comfort in the fact that it's happening to all women the world over. But in case you had any more questions about the little toots your vagina makes,spoke with an expert to get to the bottom of the farts that why come out of yours.

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If you've ever queefed, you've noticed that although they sound uncannily similar to a fart, virgina missing one distinctive trait of farts: Your smelliest smelly fart are the result of bacteria breaking down and being does as gas during the process of digestion, virgina then escaping your bod in the form of a little toot. But queefs don't come from digestion, they just come from does why air sneaking out of your vagina in one quick burst.

Vanessa Fart, vice president of external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood, told "Queefs don't smell because they're caused by plain old air.

Vaginal flatulence

They're does the vaginal version fart making fart sounds with your mouth. So if you want, you can call queefs "vagina farts," but know that it's technically inaccurate.

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To-may-to, to-mah-to situation, sorta, but like toot-may-to, toot-mah-to. While it might seem like a queef only escapes your vagina during why most embarrassing times like during a silent moment in yoga or during a quiet second during your foreplayDr. Cullins explained that they can just sort of happen whenever.