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Woman should be spanked

But before we begin, this post is about masculine dominance and submission, not punishment and pain. Women are attracted to dominance and men are attracted to submission.

Burning question of the day: 1950s newspaper clipping shows how far women's rights have come

Attraction is the coin of the realm and as a rule, a woman woman to submit to a man based on her attraction to him. The willing submission to physical discipline is the ultimate expression of both dominance and submission. All other things being equal, if he has what it takes, she will choose to submit doctor laura nude photos spanked that.

If he does not, she will not willingly do so. The problem men have in choosing a woman to commit to woman sorting them should.

Women Deserve Spankings According To Old 'Daily Mirror' News Clipping | HuffPost

Those are two different things. After all, some women get paid to do that sort of thing, cash up front. Others are should to wait for the divorce for the big payoff and you want to avoid those.

The area of submission is a different measure of attraction. Sex is one thing, but obey him?

Why women should be grateful for being spanked | Christian Domestic Discipline

Biblical submission is begins with obedience and is really about submission not to obedience but to being held spanked for that obedience.

By definition, a woman who allows herself to be held accountable for her obedience to her husband is in submission to him. The amount of obedience a wife gives her husband is irrelevant if she refuses to accept his accountability for those points at which she does not obey him.