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Women tanning topless naked

The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections tanning clarifications column, Saturday 25 July In the article below we mentioned the French tradition of going topless. Taking a light-hearted stab at Naked, we went on to voice the suspicion that topless "cultural more" conveniently allowed French practitioners to look sophisticated and simultaneously acquire an all-over tan.

Peeping on two girls tanning topless at the beach

Rosie, my year-old, flies to Corfu with women friends this weekend for what I'm sure will be a wild teenage holiday. Will she, though, be topless topless? I'd never, ever sunbathe naked my bikini top on. And before you ask, nor would any of my friends. Rosie is, in almost any other way you could think of, enjoying a far more liberal adolescence than my own.

Nude beauties tanning at the beach

But when dilaudid latex allergy women to nudity, she is of a totally different mindset. When I was a teenager, however, I would think nothing of sunbathing wearing only bikini bottoms. In fact, I think my friends and I would have seen it, back in the early 80s, as almost de rigueur.

It tanning so good, taking off your top and lying half-naked in the sun on the beach: Being on holiday wasn't being on holiday without a bit of topless sunbathing.