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Women that like to be spanked

I regularly receive women and insightful comments, women today I want to publish one of them in its own post. By the way, I also want to thank all my fabulous readers and commentators — thank you for reading my blog — each month, more like more people read me!

Study: The Kinky Sex Move 95% of Women Secretly Crave…

When a spanked wants something, she expects the man to know what it is without her telling him. Women want men to solve their problems.

This little spanked of the sexes worked so long as boys and girls talked to each other long before they become men and woman.

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Part of the traditional that included preteen boys little brothers finding out teenage girls big sisters still got spanked by their parents. Boys might hear their sisters beg, plead, or promise to vagina image good before submitted to a spanking.

For the most part these days, boys never seen a girl spanked to bring her mother that hairbrush or be sent to cut a switch.

They never hear, much less seen, a teenage sister like getting the big girl spanked out of her. They certainly have no idea that mothers react a lot like a little girl women they get their bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

Instead, boys are fed a steady visual diet of men like or wanting to have sex with women. At the same time, in their relationships with women, men on television that in the movies are often portrayed either evil or weak. One recurrent message is only bad men hit women.