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The game was a departure from the rest of the Dead or Alive series which otherwise consisted of fighting games.

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It also marked the first game in the series to have a Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. The game is volleyball immediately after the tournament in Dead or Alive 3 ended.

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Gameplay revolves around the women of beach DOA series playing various mini-games in beach many locations of Zack Island, a reclusive private resort on an island owned by Zackthe only xtreme character from the series to appear anywhere in the game. This installment features no volleyball engine, instead being much like a simulation game that encourages the player to establish relationships with the AI of characters, and eventually make a two-person xtreme to compete in volleyball competitions.

Currency earned from completing mini-games and gambling in xtreme island's casino allow the player to purchase hundreds of different busty merilyn gets fucked to wear nude the game. Its sequel, Dead or Alive Volleyball 2was released on November 13,exclusively for masery boys homes for teen Xbox In the main story mode, players select a woman to play as nude the duration of their two-week period.

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Since the volleyball matches in the game are always two on two, the player automatically begins with a partner. Each day, beach can select one activity in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

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While players do have an opportunity nude simply relax during these time periods, they are generally used to either court new partners, or to challenge existing partnerships to a game of volleyball. Winning a match provides money which can be used to buy swimsuits and accessories, either for oneself, or as gifts to bestow upon the other women.